Choosing a diamond ring – step 1 SIZE

The first and most important thing is the ring’s size. This is one of the most difficult moments, because different people have different hands. Here are a few options on how to proceed:

Option 1: If you manage to get their hands on a ring that she wears on her ring finger and she became well, you do not care. It can measure the diameter of the caliper with high precision, to take it to the nearest ring shop or simply to see if any of the indications of the amount is not written on the inside of the ring. Be careful, because the three-digit numbers such as 333, 585 or 999 sample mean of the respective metal.

Option 2: You may come out a little steep, but take your favorite woman and takes her to a jewelry store (not told that she should buy it, actually). So however you will see what kind of ring she liked and what is the size. Maybe she can “indulge” with a silver ring or promise it to her for Christmas, anniversary or birthday (then bowled over her an expensive diamond ring).

Option 3: Cornered it in until her sleep and tie thread of the finger, then slide the loop and save it. Measure the circumference of calm and then get the size.

Option 4: Play your spouses and wrap foil from chocolate (or a piece of cable), but be careful to really tightly around her finger. Then just find a way to keep the measure. Be used only as a last resort due to inaccurate measurement.