Diamond’s Form

Rough diamond is just a pebble, like those pictured right. When processing diamonds lose about half of their weight. Therefore the choice of form is one of the most important characteristic of a diamond that you choose and it depends on the basic shape of your ring, how will enrich its symbolism, how will reflect light and how it is good to grip. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Brilliant (round) is the most popular option (80% of diamonds are notably), and for good reason. Jewelers years, physicists and mathematicians have calculated the ideal form for reflection. Yes, this means that this form diamonds shine most, and will have the largest selection of other characteristics. For all this will tell you in detail a little down now will only tell you that if you are unsure what kind of shape will appeal most to your favorite, choose precisely this classic version. I also chose this option. In addition to classic version with 57 walls, circular diamond can be shaped as a sphere, Antwerp rose, Portuguese, Magna and others.

Princess is the second most popular diamond. The classic form is of an inverted regular pyramid. Since the majority of the diamonds hidden in the ring, this may be a good idea to target a slightly larger size. Note that if you choose diamond H or colorless (see below for color), the color can be seen even with the naked eye at all. For the same must be careful if you decide to choose a diamond heart-shaped – the age-old symbol of love, as the skills of the cutter are also particularly important in this form.

The emerald cut is a step that makes him unique brilliance. The best ratio between length and width is between 1.30 and 1.40. An equal length and width, shape called Asher. Because of “tile” that is formed in the middle, one of the most important characteristics of these forms is the purity of the diamond (also explained below). Single plate called baguette, is elongated and generally not very popular for central diamond. However, even a great fit as an extra.

Marquis and oval emphasize long fingers and short make it seem longer. Therefore they are also among the most popular forms. Similarly, with pear shapes, drop and pendant. Be careful with the length / width ratio, it can totally change the shape of the ring.

Pillow and Radiant are square in shape but with rounded edges. Larger surfaces (especially sunflower option) mean that you should be careful with the purity of the diamond.

Trilyantat (also known as triliant) form the top three. The shape varies from rounded corners to the classic triangle. The ability of the cutter is the most crucial in this form.